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Quick-Draw is one of the Duel Types of battle in Creepy Castle.

Description[edit | edit source]

Example of Quick-Draw on Duel Mode.

You and your foe have a tense standoff. At the signal, act as quickly as you can; if you are early or too late you will fumble, but strike fast enough and you'll run your weapon through your opponent, coming out unblemished.

Duel Manual:

Sometimes, when fighting an enemy, a "duel" will be initiated. They come in quite a few flavors. Quick-draw is one such flavor. Wait for the prompt, then hit the Confirm button to strike first! But don't be too antsy and hit the button before the prompt or you'll fumble and leave yourself wide open. But also don't be too slow or you'll just be punched in the face. Most of the time you will just punch each other in the face.