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Moth is one of the Characters in Creepy Castle.

Description[edit | edit source]

Moth is a moth! A vagrant swordsman who always seems to find daring adventure wherever he wanders. With his sword Dopterra, in hand, he will bravely face any enemy!

Name: Moth

Species: Moth

Job: Vagrant

Bio: A wandering swordsman who travels the world, aiding those in need when he can.

Wanderlust: 7/10

Swordfighting: 5/10

Lazy: 10/10

Personality[edit | edit source]

Moth is extremely courageous, refusing to back down even against the toughest of foes such as Ant Queen, Darking, or even the Possessor. He is able to sympathize with Darking's plans to remove emotion and choice from people in order to ensure that no one feels pain, but ultimately he is able to remain true to his own convictions and ideals. Moth is sad to see Darking when he is possessed as well.

He is good friends with Stickbug and has known Monsoon before venturing to Darking's castle.

From his description in free play modes, it is hinted that he has a tendency to be lazy. This is likely only when he is not on an adventure, however. Furthermore, even though his sword fighting is shown as average, it is possible that it improves through the course of his adventure.

Moth is also able to reach out to others and change their opinions or help them, being able to convince Monsoon that he is ready to face Darking and reaching out to Darking which allowed him to momentarily regain control.

As shown in Slugger’s Freepy Castle route, Moth is also kind enough to challenge opponents he already defeated to prove themselves of fighting someone important, as shown when he allows Slugger to fight him so that Slugger can prove to Moth that Slugger can fight Darking.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Moth is able to adjust quickly, seeing as how he is able to adapt to and excel at various types of duels. He refuses to give up, which is a big part of him being able to continue to survive attacks that would kill most. He is also an accomplished swordsman, being able to win duels against swordsmen such as Monsoon and Bee. Outside of combat, Moth makes use of a phasing device that allows him to pass through certain doors, garlic which allows him to easily defeat vampires, and the ice rod which allows him to turn water or lava into ice for him to cross.

Creepy Castle[edit | edit source]

Back Door[edit | edit source]

Moth enters Darking's castle through the back door. As he ventures through he learns more about the tenants in Creepy Castle and meets a few other people (including Luvaci). Moth is then about to move on to the next area but Monsoon blocks his path, ready to fight him after meeting him again. The two clash and though Monsoon proves a fearsome foe, Moth emerges victorious. After defeating Monsoon, Moth is able to successfully move on to the marble atrium.

Marble Atrium[edit | edit source]

Moth finds himself in a place seemingly made of marble. As he journeys through, he finds a lake that he has to cross to reach Darking, but he cannot cross it so he has no choice but to continue on another path. Moth fights Manny Mantis and his best friend Stickbug who was searching for a job and got hired as a boss in order to get the keys they were holding to the lab. Once Moth finds the keys, he goes through the doors and heads into the laboratory. He also encounters Poindexter, who gives him a bag to carry more items, and Ant Queen, who warns him to stay out of the affairs of Darking.

Overgrown Lab[edit | edit source]

Moth is now in a lab with several plants around. He is obstructed at multiple junctions by doors that he cannot cross, lakes, and vampires. It is also here that he begins to learn more about the revolution of logic written by Darking, the city of light, and the heartbreaker experiments through lore he finds and through talking to other people such as Poindexter, learning that the heartbreaker is a device that takes away all emotions and leaves them with the potential to be controlled such that everyone acts in a completely logical manner. Moth also encounters Ant Queen again, who once again tells him to stay away from the issue and threatens him. Moth eventually decides to go through some doors leading to a building connected to the lab.

Barracks[edit | edit source]

Moth ventures through the barracks in hopes of finding keys to unlock doors. Here he meets a mysterious man called Arrow Ace who states that he is also investigating the mysteries of the castle and then goes his own way. Moth meets the various inhabitants of this building and learns more about the problems the inhabitants are facing as well as how they compare Darking's former self as a wise king to his current state as having a strange vision. As Moth ventures through, he encounters one of Darking's men, a mercenary called Slugger and battles him, emerging victorious. Moth then meets the castle general Butterfly who is also the writer of the duel manuals Moth has been reading. Butterfly decides not to attack Moth since he thinks Darking has changed for the worse and wants Moth to stop him.

As Moth moves into the next part of the barracks, he finds that he has to battle the two stealthy sentinels Butterfly mentioned would chase after him, namely Catpillar and Moody. Moth wins against both of them and is able to grab the keys that both of them were hiding, and then exits the area. He uses the two keys to get to a transporter and decides to use it to go to the inter-universal screwdriver (IUS) development site.

IUS Development Site[edit | edit source]

Moth teleports into a fire themed area. He meets Poindexter again, who tells him that he is in the IUS site and that Pyroknight, the overseer of the area, is behind an inaccessible door. He also mentions that there is a device in the IUS called the phasing device that would allow Moth to explore another area of the lab. Moth ventures through the complicated development site and has to fight 4 guardians, which are enemies with a huge amount of HP, in order to obtain 4 keys to use to get to the phasing device. Moth also meets Arrow Ace here once again, who talks to Moth about how a true hero must know what they fight for. After Moth defeats all the guardians, he is able to obtain the device and pass through certain doors. With this in hand, he heads back to the lab using the transporter.

Overgrown Lab Pt. 2: Jungle[edit | edit source]

Moth returns to the lab and uses the phasing device to head into the jungle. Immediately he is chased by a rolling boulder but is able to avoid the trap set up by Centipede and escapes safely. Moth later finds garlic, an item that he uses to be able to dispatch vampires. This allows Moth to further explore the depths of the jungle, where he encounters Hopper, who immediately battles him. Moth emerges victorious and gains the ice rod after defeating Hopper, allowing him to turn water and lava into ice. Using this he is able to move back to the previous part of the overgrown lab. However, he learns that to go back to the marble atrium he needs a key to unlock the door and that he can get one from Pyroknight in the IUS. Moth decides to head back to the IUS and quickly defeats Pyroknight to obtain the key. He heads back and uses the ice rod and his key to go to the marble atrium, only to be stopped by Ant Queen who is ready to fight him. After a presumably difficult battle, Moth wins once again but Ant Queen insists that she went easy on him and that only she can take down Darking. Moth is able to head back.

Note: Moth also finds that the heartbreaker machine has been destroyed. It is unknown who destroyed it, although it is implied to be Ant Queen.

Darking's Castle[edit | edit source]

Moth heads back into the Marble Atrium and uses the ice rod to finally cross into the inner depths of Darking's castle, where Darking resides. As Moth battles through several enemies, he once again runs into Monsoon, who fights him to test his resolve. Moth proves his will to stop the heartbreaker and defeats Monsoon. Moth then ventures further into the castle, where he finds his longtime rival Bee, who wants to see if he or Moth should be the one to fight Darking. The two duel and Moth wins, thus continuing on to fight Darking. However, Centipede blocks his path, ready to finish his job and assassinate Moth, only to be attacked in turn by Arrow Ace. As Arrow Ace pulls Centipede into another area, he reminds Moth that one who does not feel love is not abnormal but rather that since the heartbreaker will take away one's capacity to make decisions, that is the reason for which it should be stopped.

Moth finally encounters Darking and fights him in a long battle. Throughout the battle, Darking tries to convey his ideals to Moth and why the heartbreaker would save the world by uniting everyone. Darking eventually reaches through to Moth when he states that he doesn't want anyone to feel the pain of not being able to do anything about a problem or a loved one. He also states that he will continue to try and make the heartbreaker. Moth begins to waver but continues to fight nonetheless. Darking becomes easier to fight likely due to his sadness and eventually gives up in a final struggle, allowing Moth to defeat him. Moth then meets with Ant Queen again, who decides that her work is done due to Darking being defeated and accompanies Moth to exit the castle. However, a strange entity called the Possessor possesses Darking's body and reveals that the destruction of the heartbreaker has allowed him to be set free and possess Darking. He decides to kill Moth and Ant Queen before destroying the world. Moth has to fight an uphill battle and has trouble attacking Darking's body and keeping up with the Possessor's attacks. Ant Queen comes up with a plan but first tries to ask Darking to take back control. The Possessor remains in control and unleashes his strongest attack called killforce. However, Moth continues to persevere and survives multiple instances of his attack through willpower. Eventually, Moth is able to reach out to Darking, telling him that he is strong enough to overcome the monster inside. Darking regains control momentarily and remembers his reason to live thanks to Moth looking like someone, potentially a former loved one who passed away. Darking orders Ant Queen to stop the Possessor no matter the cost and Ant Queen agrees to follow. She reveals her plan: to tear a portal through it. She fires a gun at the Possessor effectively killing Darking and driving away the Possessor, who goes away to find another body. Moth and Ant Queen escape from the city of light while fires are being lit inside, and ultimately Darking's casle aka the city of light crumbles and is completely destroyed.

In an epilogue scene, Darking is reunited with his lover Ori and is glad to see her, although it is implied that they are both in some form of afterlife.

Freepy Castle[edit | edit source]

Moth appears as one of the two new bosses in this mode alongside Luvaci, although Moth has a more important role if the player takes on Freepy Castle as Luvaci or Slugger.

Freepy Castle (Luvaci Route)[edit | edit source]

Marble Atrium[edit | edit source]

After Luvaci deals with Bee and discovers the Heartbreaker was already destroyed, when Luvaci climbs back up to the Marble Atrium and uses the ice rod to gain access to the lake, Molt informs Luvaci that Moth is up ahead, although Luvaci doesn't wish to fight Moth, but Molt orders Luvaci to fight Moth, causing Luvaci to realize that he was being used as a pawn so that Molt can take over the castle. Molt gives Luvaci a choice of either not fighting Moth at the cost of Darking's life and eventually Luvaci's life or fighting Moth and staging a coup with no bloodshed. Luvaci decides to fight Moth, although he is disappointed about Molt having Luvaci fight against the swordsman.

Moth battles Luvaci, but despite his best efforts he is defeated by the pipe-wielding bug. He is eventually captured by Molt offscreen.

Luvaci's Battle Against ?????[edit | edit source]

As Moth is being held over a pit by Molt in a different dimension, Luvaci is contacted, and Molt comes to the realization that he never pursued his plan when it actually happened in Darking's castle, suspecting that something sent Luvaci and Molt through a simulation and messed with their memories. When Luvaci is told to investigate, he asks Molt on why can't he do it himself, and Molt reveals that he had captured the still unconscious Moth, and Molt praises Luvaci for defeating Moth. Luvaci is worried about Moth, but Molt replies that if he were to throw Moth down the pit, Moth would perish. Luvaci calls Molt out on this, saying that Molt is beyond forgivable.

Luvaci encounters the creature responsible for the simulation and fights it. After a long and tough battle, Luvaci defeats the creature. When Luvaci gets contacted by Molt again, Molt reveals that he took Moth outside the castle, saying that hostages are more useful alive than dead. This reveals the fact that Moth is still alive. It is implied Moth regained consciousness after Molt took the swordsman outside and Moth had either set out for more adventures or returned to the Freepy Castle, now free from Molt’s clutches.

Freepy Castle (Slugger Route)[edit | edit source]

Marble Atrium[edit | edit source]

As Slugger approaches Moth, he gets a transmission from Poindexter. Poindexter mentions that Moth looks like a manga character Poindexter likes, Maji Maji Mosu Shoujo. Slugger has a bad feeling about Moth standing there, and Poindexter asks Slugger if Moth wants to fight, and Slugger responds, "Doesn't everyone?" When Poindexter tries to convince Slugger to not hurt Moth, Moth somehow joins the conversation, shocking both Slugger and Poindexter (as Moth never spoke when near either of the two during the events of Creepy Castle). Moth says that while he understands that Slugger wants to fight Darking, but he'd worry about Slugger going on and trying like this. He reveals that he and Bee have battles with one another whether Moth and Bee want to fight someone important to see who is more suited. Moth then reveals that he wants to fight Slugger to see if Slugger is capable of taking down Darking. Poindexter tells Moth not to fight Slugger, but Moth says that it usually works out fine, and it’s almost like good luck. Slugger hesitates, but agrees to fight Moth, and the two battle again.

This time, Moth is defeated by Slugger after a long battle.

Slugger's Battle Against ?????[edit | edit source]

Before long, Moth and the others are transported to a box via a glitch out, while Slugger is transported to a dimension. Slugger then remembers everything that really happened at Darking's castle; in actuality, he lost to Moth, and as the City of Light was collapsing, he helped the others escape. Poindexter says that he can't see Slugger from where he is now, suspecting that Slugger was chosen for something before becoming worried. Slugger, determined to make the creature of the simulation pay, goes up to the creature.

Ultimately, Slugger is victorious, and Poindexter, Moth, and the others are freed from the box. Moth congratulates Slugger for emerging victorious. When Poindexter asks on what was the creature and if it will return, Slugger isn't sure, but he will be ready for it when it comes back, and Moth agrees.