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Darking is one of the Characters in Creepy Castle and the final boss of the main story.

Description[edit | edit source]

Darking is the ruler of Creepy Castle. He was once known as a noble and beloved ruler but gripped by obsession, he now works toward a vision of a world where everyone operates solely on logic without emotion. Imagining a world free of despair and violence, Darking was willing to throw anything and everything away to achieve his goal.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Darking was once a benevolent and just ruler, but the loss of Ori changed him. He now believes that all pain and suffering come from human emotions, and that true harmony and peace can only be achieved once all human emotions are removed. According to Poindexter in Slugger’s story in Freepy Castle, Darking also forced Manny Mantis to fight by threatening to “heartbreak” him. He mentions that he does not want anyone to have to go through the pain of losing a loved one, which means that him losing Ori could have spurred him to build the heartbreaker. Darking acknowledges that he is a villain for trying to remove emotions but is nonetheless willing to go through with his plan, truly believing that removing all emotions will allow for a world of peace even though no one else believes in his vision. He sees instinctual impulses and emotions as shortcomings that lead to murder and war and that can be removed through the use of the heartbreaker. This is what he calls the revolution of logic.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Darking is well versed in combat, having a solid amount of endurance and being able to use a variety of attacks such as an extremely fast strike, a rushing attack, or even a flurry of attacks all at the opponent. He also moves quickly and has a good amount of strength when it comes to grappling. Outside of combat, Darking can be intimidating and fierce, which prevents his citizens from rebelling even though they may not approve of the heartbreaker.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Darking I[edit | edit source]

25 hp[edit | edit source]

Find:[edit | edit source]

4 clones, 5 when low on health, second try very slow when low on health,

Shinken Shirahador:[edit | edit source]

type: struggle

Quite fast

Tries to grab moth's sword.

Quickdraw[edit | edit source]

Quite fast.

Dark rush:[edit | edit source]

type: sumo

Parry:[edit | edit source]

5 lives, no fakeouts, quite fast.

Darking II[edit | edit source]

Over 52 hp[edit | edit source]

Find:[edit | edit source]

7 clones, extremely fast.

Quickdraw:[edit | edit source]

extremely fast.

Parry:[edit | edit source]

6 lives, no fakeouts, inhumanly fast.

Killforce:[edit | edit source]

type: struggle

inhumanly fast, the strongest attack in all of the first scenario.