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Ant Queen is one of the Characters in Creepy Castle. Also fifth to last boss in creepy castle.

Description[edit | edit source]

Ant Queen is a traveler from a different, more advanced universe. She's of few words and uses brute force to get her way. She also gives advanced blueprints to Darking's engineers in order to create the inter-universal screwdriver.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Ant Queen is no-nonsense, ready to beat up Moth to have him stay away from Darking's project, but is later forced to acknowledge that Moth is worthy to face Darking. Ultimately, she does prove that she is on Moth's side by destroying the heartbreaker and helping Moth to defeat the Possessor. Ant Queen firmly believes that no one is entitled to rob the agency of another and this is her main motivation in trying to stop Darking. Although at first she agrees to Darking's deal, she later changes her mind about the heartbreaker, likely after learning what it is truly capable of.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ant Queen is a fierce fighter and can be intimidating. She is also very intelligent and possesses a vast amount of scientific knowledge, and is able to put that knowledge to use in combat. Ant Queen is the one who ultimately comes up with the idea to tear a portal through Darking and she does this to defeat the Possessor.

In particular, Ant Queen is adept at rushing the opponent and throwing quick attacks at them. Her special move involves her jumping high and then dropkicking the opponent from a height dealing damage.

Combat[edit | edit source]

6 hp[edit | edit source]

Meteor slam[edit | edit source]

type: special.

Jumps extremely high and dive kicks the opponent.

Parry[edit | edit source]

3 lives, no fakeouts.

Ten ton tackle[edit | edit source]

type: sumo.

Creepy Castle[edit | edit source]

Before the events of Creepy Castle, Ant Queen came into existence after being built by Pinky Punk. Ant Queen arrived in the Dopterran universe, having escaped from another universe and now left with no way back. She heads to Darking's castle and gives them blueprints to build an inter-universal screwdriver that can bridge universes so that she can go back to her own universe. However, Darking saw the potential to use the heartbreaker across multiple universes and thus made a deal with her to also use the inter-universal screwdriver. Eventually, Ant Queen found out about the terror of the heartbreaker and decided to break the deal with Darking.

Ant Queen warns Moth on multiple occasions to stay away from Darking's plot because she believes that she is the only one capable of taking down Darking. Ant Queen and Moth eventually battle and even though Moth wins Ant Queen asserts that she was going easy on him and that Darking would be tougher. She also destroys the heartbreaker machine. Ant Queen later arrives in the inner parts of Darking's castle only to find that Moth has defeated him. She decides to accompany him but they are then confronted by the Possessor, who reveals that the destruction of the heartbreaker has set him free and allowed him to possess Darking. He reveals his plans to destroy the world and immediately fights Moth and Ant Queen. Ant Queen comes up with a plan to tear a portal gun through the Possessor but is hesitant to go through with it since she would kill Darking in the process. Moth perseveres and eventually reaches out to Darking, allowing him to momentarily regain control. He orders Ant Queen to follow through with her plan, and she obliges, killing Darking and defeating the Possessor, who escapes to find another body. Ant Queen and Moth escape the castle as well as the city of light crumbles and is completely destroyed.

Due Exhalation/The Final Fist[edit | edit source]

Although Ant Queen was ready to leave after the events of Creepy Castle, her encounter with the Possessor had questions worth pursuing. She digs out her ship out of the rubble of the castle and boards it now that the ship is fixed. When she boards it, however, she feels like she is being watched, although she brushes it off as her being paranoid, unaware that a familiar friend that Moth fought as a boss is in the ship the whole time...

Libraronia[edit | edit source]

Ant Queen's first destination is none other than Planet Libraronia. She exits her ship to find out that there are a bunch of books floating in space. As she traverses through this library-like planet, she has her first encounter with the Zylindarr. When the Zylindarr goon tells her to go away, Ant Queen instead attacks it. After dodging bullets and defeating the goon, she continues exploring. After defeating more goons, she finds the grappling hook, which can allow her to grab onto blocks above her. Using this new item, she encounters a giant book named BookBat. As she fights it, she finds herself having to endure various chapters of different scenarios like a choose-your-own-adventure book involving choices depending on the situation (including a verse featuring someone named K. Wizzly) with one verse damaging BookBat, another one damaging her but also damaging BookBat and a wrong choice which allows BookBat to score a hit on her. She defeats it by canceling out BookBat’s last-ditch effort attack by using a one-liner and then punching it. She then finds a mysterious pink key.

Stickbug and Ant Queen[edit | edit source]

After defeating BookBat, Ant Queen heads back to her ship, only to find Stickbug. Stickbug reveals that after the City Of Light collapsed, he was unable to escape due to running in the opposite direction from the nearest exit and as such took refuge in Ant Queen's ship while searching for a shortcut to escape faster. When Ant Queen points out that the ship is not Stickbug's home, but rather her ship, Stickbug cries and reveals that he has no home. Ant Queen, realizing that she is in the same predicament as Stickbug, as she too has no place to call home, recruits Stickbug as a first mate. With that, Ant Queen heads off to the next planet.

Note: It is possible to encounter Stickbug without beating the boss, as it also occurs the first time Ant Queen returns to her ship.